Hook up RGB LED strip easily and without soldering! These clips make it super simple to affix two strips together, either with an extension or a coupler, and third option allows easy connection to a power supply and controller.

These may be usable with other kinds of strips such as single-color white ones, but some experimentation may be required to determine which pins are used and the spacing!
Use a utility knife or other sharp blade to carefully remove the plastic coating on the end of your RGB LED strip. You will need to make one cut perpendicular to the strip (like slicing a loaf of bread), being careful to only cut through the clear rubbery plastic and not the actual circuit, and then another cut along the surface of the circuit, with the blade oriented as shown above. This will expose the copper pads and make a skinny tab we can slide inside the solderless clip.
Open the plastic cover on the clip and slide the freshly sliced end of RGB LED strip under the metal tabs inside the connector.
This little coupler clip makes it easy to join two pieces of strip together without a disruption in the spacing of the LEDs.
Close the plastic covers and you're done! Pictured here is the extender cable with strips attached on either end.
Use and enjoy!

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