Adding Face Features

Align the eyes and mouth parts and then push the from the inside of the head. The tolerances will be tight, so you may need a bit of force to push them through.

Assemble Ears

The ears are connected with the small pins. Insert the pins at an angle and then push the ear parts into the grooves for each ear.

Paint Details


You can optionally paint in the colors for the outlines around the eyes and ear tips. 

We used blue acrylic paint and let it dry for about half an hour.

Inserting Spools

There are two built in spool holders on the top and bottom and two holes on both sides of the model. Use the top and bottom holders to mount spools of solder.

The two holes on the sides can be used to mount a roll of sticky tape.


To install spools, first thread solder through the holes on the mouth. Pull solder through the front side of the mouth and hold the ends while inserting the spool in place. 

The spools can rotate independently, allowing you to have different solder spool sizes, allowing you to quickly swap between diameters.

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