Use two pieces of adhesive Velcro tape to secure the solar panel to your bag. Stick the fuzzy side to your bag neatly and aligned with the size of your solar panel, then mate the scratchy hook side of the Velcro to the fuzzy side, peel off the adhesive back and gently press on your solar panel. Then squish the glue joints before carefully separating the newly affixed Velcro pieces. If necessary, stitch or staple the fuzzy side of the Velcro to your bag.

We also had good luck affixing the solar panel (more permanently) with the four mounting screws at the corners. Unscrew the caps and make four holes in your bag with an awl. Line it up and screw the caps back on once the screw is through the fabric, holding it in place.
Get charging! Take this project camping, to the beach, or anywhere else you need backup power.

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