Line the bottom of the mint tin with tape to insulate it from the metal contacts on your circuit board. Also wrap the battery in tape.

With your kits unplugged, place them facing opposite short edges of the tin and mark where the ports need access.
Snip out small rectangles from the short edges where you marked in the previous step. Curl the edges with pliers if you want it a bit smoother.

"Dry fit" the unplugged kits to see that they fit in the slots you snipped.
Use the double sided foam tape that came with the MintyBoost kit to secure it to the inside of the mint tin.

Use more foam tape or regular double-stick tape to secure the solar charging circuit, and plug the MintyBoost's JST cable into the LOAD port on the charging board.

Plug the battery in to the BATT port on the charging board, and use more double stick tape to secure the battery on top of the MintyBoost.

Remember that we earlier lined the tin with tape and wrapped the battery in tape as well!

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