Replay those old school retro videos games and cut the cord to build your own wireless SNES controller powered the EZ-Key Bluefruit, Adafruits bluetooth module.

You can turn any old school game pad into a wireless bluetooth controller with the EZ-Key Bluefruit. Our SNES controller has 12 buttons, which is perfect for the EZ-Key. A slide switch at the bottom easily let's you power it on. The top includes a USB charger so you can recharge the lithium battery.

The great thing about using bluetooth to connect, is you can use it with any computer or tablet, no need for a gamepad adapter!

This guide will teach you how to disassemble the SNES controller and mod into a wireless bluetooth gamepad. No complex code or re-flashing, you don't even need a micro-controller. The EZ-Key handles all of the mapping and converters everything for you! This is a great project to help you get more soldering experience and how to fit circuits into small places. Perfect for a weekend project and well worth your time!

If you want to turn a different gamepad into a wireless controller, this tutorial will help you understand the steps and techniques: just about any game controller from the 80's or 90's will use a similar style of button circuit/detection

Tools & Supplies

• Soldering Iron
• Xacto Knife
• 30 gage wire
• Sharpie Marker
• Solder
• Vise or handy-tool
• Diagonal wire cutters
• Wire strippers
• Screwdrivers

This guide was first published on Nov 18, 2013. It was last updated on Nov 18, 2013.

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