Layer 1 | This layer needs no modifications and can be placed directly behind the Fascia.

Layer 2 | Four Brass inserts must be fitted into the back of the layer. Use the same methods as described in the First Steps. The Raspberry Pi Camera rests on a 15mm strip of 3mm x 12mm foam. The foam strip is measured and cut to fit between the 4 x M2 Brass inserts.
Be careful to keep the Flat Flexible Cable flat and to avoid crushing or kinking the cable.
The Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) which connects the camera board to the Raspberry Pi fits through special holes cut into the layers.
4 x M2 x 8mm Screws hold the camera flat against the foam strip.
Do not over-tighten the screws as you can bend and damage the camera board.
Do not remove the protective cover on the camera lens at this stage.

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