The Laser-Cut Parts are protected on each side with a thin film layer. The film will need to be removed from both sides of each Laser-Cut part. Use the point of a knife to tease the film up.

With the film removed from both sides of all the acrylic parts we can begin to assemble the SnapPiCam.

The SnapPiCam is built up in 3mm layers, we'll start with the front Fascia. In the Fascia must go 4 x M2 Microbarb Brass Inserts. These inserts act as bolt anchors for screws, instead of using nuts. The inserts are captive which means they won't fall out when the screws are undone.
The four holes where the Microbarbs fit might need enlarging. This can be done with a round needle file.
The brass inserts fit into the back of the Fascia. A lip on the inserts stops them from being pulled through the acrylic if the screw are over-tightened.
Do not use excessive force when fitting the brass inserts into the acrylic. There is a risk that the plastic might crack & break if too much effort is applied.
The inserts can be gently hammered into the acrylic. If the inserts do not fit with a light tap of the hammer use a needle file to make the holes slightly larger.
Each layer after the Fascia is numbered with a small dot in the lower left corner. The layers need to be assembled in the right order or your SnapPiCam won't go together correctly.

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