Feed the wires from the DC/DC Converter along the channel taking the red wire off to the side where a switch will be fitted.
Make sure the DC/DC Converter is in its approximate position before measuring and cutting the red wire to length.
The switch is a SPDT Sub-Micro Slide switch. Connect the red wire from the DC/DC Converter to the middle pin on the switch. Solder a length of red wire to one of the other pins on the switch.
Slide the switch into the Off position (slid away from the soldered pins) and fit the switch into it's socket in the layers.
Place layer 1 on top of layer 2.
It is very easy to trap the wires between the layers. Do not force the layer together, use a long bladed knife or other thin object to push the wires into their channels.
Place the Fascia on top of layer 1.

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