Slot the 1/4-20 Square Nut into the hole in the lower left corner.
Measure and cut the power cables which go to the LiPo. Solder them to the battery and replace the Kapston Tape over the contacts.
Fit the 1mm thick clear layer 11, then layer 12, and then place layer 13 with the PiTFT on top of the assembly. Make sure to correctly route the cables.
Take care to align the PiTFT Header correctly to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO Pins.
Cut the two power cable to length to match up with the pin headers on the PiTFT GPIO. Attach grimps to the end of the cables. I prefer to use Needle-Nose Pliers to do the crimping.
Slip covers over the crimps and attach to the pins on the GPIO
Remove the protective film on the TFT and place the last layer onto the assembly. Tighten the M3 screws.

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