The PiTFT needs to be soldered together before it can be installed into the SnapPiCam. To make this process easier we will remove the TFT panel from the PCB.
Editors note: we dont suggest removing the TFT, even tho the author of this tutorial shows it, instead, you can flip the TFT out of the way while you solder, its much easier than fiddling with the FPC connector!
Lay the PiTFT face down and using a screwdriver unclip each end of the ZIF socket holding the TFT's FFC in place.
Carefully remove the FFC from the socket.
Do not pull the FFC free by tugging on the TFT, instead grip the FFC with your fingers and pull gently until it comes free.
With the TFT safely removed we can now fit the 2x13 extra-tall female header to the PiTFT's PCB
Fit the header to the PCB, thread a length of scrap wire between the pins at each end of the header.
Place the PCB face-down keeping the PCB square to the female header. Solder one pin at each end of the header to hold it in place.
Remove the wire from between the PCB and the header and solder the remaining pins.
When you have finished there should be a gap between the PCB and the header.
Solder four 6mm Tactile Switches to the top of the PiTFT's PCB.
The Step-Up DC DC Converter comes with three Right-Angle 0.1" pin headers. They need to be split up with a sharp knife.
Two pins are soldered into Pin 2 (5v) & Pin 9 (gnd).
The GPIO layout on the top of the PiTFT PCB is reversed, make sure you solder the pins into the correct holes.
Reinsert the TFT's FFC into the ZIF Socket.
Remove the covering on the two sticky strips on the back of the TFT and carefully attach the TFT to the PCB. Do not remove the protective film on the TFT.
When attaching the TFT to the PCB make sure the edges of the TFT do not come into contact with any of the soldered pins.
Fit three M2 Brass Inserts into the three recessed holes in layer 13.
Attach the PiTFT to layer 13 with three M2 x 4mm screws.

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