Now it's time to bring everything together. 

To create the lifting arm you'll need a piece of cardboard about 4 inches long by 2 inches wide.

Trim one corner into a semi-circular curve. Cut the opposite corner off at about a 45 degree angle.


These two cuts will allow the cardboard to rotate inside the box without colliding into the floor or walls.


Add a piece of double sided tape to the rounded corner of the cardboard. Trim any excess tape that extends past the cardboard edge.

Stick your piece of cardboard to the servo as pictured.


This will become our lifting mechanism.

Now it's time to mount the servo motor inside the box. 

Make sure to give the lifting arm enough clearance! 


Place the servo inside the box and use a pen to mark exactly where you will place it. 

Now add a piece of tap to the bottom of the servo motor.


This will hold it in place inside the box.

Press it firmly into place. Motor mount complete!

Just add Blinka

Now it's time to give Blinka a home inside the box.

Lift her carefully into the box, making sure to keep her spiral shape intact.

Poke two hole in the top of the box, about an inch away from the front edge. 


Feed the two ends of the string or fishing line through these holes and tie them off.


Two simple knots are sufficient to hold Blinka in place.

Check Blinka's placement within the box, ensuring that her tongue doesn't get caught as the box lid closes.

Now you can hook up your Circuit Playground Express, connect to power, and test your snake charming abilities!

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