For prototyping, modding, hacking and reworking, its good to have a range of resistors in your favorite package size. We like the digikey box packs of resistors, and have a set of the 5% in 0603, 0805 and 1206. Sometimes we wish there were more values so we may get the 0805 in 1% for a few values

Either way, having a resistor set is essential!

Pick your poison:

1206 5% resistor pack (50 of each value)

0805 5% resistor pack (50 of each value)

0603 5% resistor pack (50 of each value)

For the 1%, they come in boxes of ranges, pick them up as necessary

0805 1% Resistors (50 of each value): 
1.0-9.76: PHC1A-KIT-ND 
10.0-97.6: PHC2A-KIT-ND 
100-976: PHC3A-KIT-ND 
1.00K-9.76K: PHC4A-KIT-ND 
10.0K-97.6K: PHC5A-KIT-ND 
100K-1.0M: PHC6A-KIT-ND

0603 1% Resistors (50 of each value) 
1.0-7.5: PHH1-KIT-ND 
10.0-97.6: PHH2-KIT-ND 
100-976: PHH3-KIT-ND 
1.00K-9.76K: PHH4-KIT-ND 
10.0K-97.6K: PHH5-KIT-ND 
100K-1M: PHH6-KIT-ND

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