The video demo gives an overview of the features available in Aurora.

Remote Control Buttons


  • Play (top center) sleeps and wakes the display
  • Vol-/Vol+ adjust brightness

Main Menu

  • Navigate using the D-pad: Up/Down navigates through the menu, Left/Right changes the content preview
  • Enter shows content or enters the Settings Menu


  • Enter returns to the Main Menu
  • "1" controls Autoplay modes
    • Pause - Stay on the current content until the left or right button is pressed.
    • Autoplay - Automatically switches to the next content after a short time.
    • Random - Automatically switches to a random content after a short time.
  • "3" controls the message or clock overlays. Press to cycle through the clock overlay (only available if a RTC module is installed) and any messages stored on the SD Card. Hold to hide the current overlay.


  • Patterns uses the same buttons as Animations with one addition:
  • "2" cycles through selections in the color palette on patterns that have a customizable palette

Customizing the Display

Customize the content on your display by loading GIFs and messages to the SD card. Follow the recommendations in the SmartMatrix GIF Player guide for finding and making your own GIFs. The messages feature is quite new and not documented yet, but you can use the examples as templates to create your own messages.

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