Zapier is another great service for automating and connecting other online services.  Just like IFTTT you can use Zapier to trigger on actions and send data to Adafruit IO.  For example you can setup Zapier to change the toilet light color based on the weather.

First you will need to create an account on Zapier's website.  Then login and click Make a Zap:

In the list of triggers tha appears search for weather and select the Weather by Zapier trigger.

Choose the Will it Rain Today? trigger for a simple trigger to change the toilet light color if it will rain.

Follow the steps on the page to pick the right latitude and longitude for your location.

After clicking continue Zapier will confirm the latitude and longitude you chose, and test that it can access weather data.  Click Fetch & Continue to move on.

After the test runs it should succeed and you can click Continue to pick the action that will be taken when Zapier detects it will rain.

In the list of actions search for Adafruit to find the Adafruit IO action.  Choose the action and you'll see it has a Send Value to Feed option:

After clicking Save + Continue you'll need to setup your Adafruit IO account with Zapier.  If you've already setup the account then choose it from the list, otherwise click Connect a New Account and go through the authorization process.

Again click Save + Continue to move on to set the feed and feed value.  For the Value pick a command to change the toilet light color, like PFF000005 to pulse the light red every two seconds.  You can use any toilet light feed command, like setting a solid color or rainbow cycle, see the command syntax on the previous page.

For the Feed pick the toilet-light feed that powers your toilet light. 

Click Continue and Zapier will move on to test the Adafruit IO connection.  Click Create & Continue to perform the test.

After the test runs you're almost done!  Click Finish to move on and give the zap a name.

Name the zap and then click OFF to toggle the Zap ON!  Your toilet light should now pulse red when Zapier performs a rain check every morning.  Cool!

Explore other triggers on Zapier's site to see more interesting ways to control your toilet light.  For example have it flash when you have too many unread emails or missed a phone call.  The possibilities are almost endless!

This guide was first published on Apr 01, 2016. It was last updated on Jul 13, 2024.

This page (Zapier Integration) was last updated on Apr 01, 2016.

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