Mirror Weather Display

This project uses the ESP32 WiFi module to pull weather data from the open weather maps API to display temperature, weather conditions and the local time.

A piece of laser cut acrylic features a 2-way mirrored film so you can see the display through the reflections. 

Interactive IoT

Wave your hand (or paw) in front of the PyPortal light sensor to display weather conditions, temperature and local time magically inside a mirror!

The display automatically turns off after a few seconds, turning it back into a desktop mirror, the effect is whimsical!


Front view of a Adafruit PyPortal - CircuitPython Powered Internet Display with a pyportal logo image on the display.
PyPortal, our easy-to-use IoT device that allows you to create all the things for the “Internet of Things” in minutes. Make custom touch screen interface...
Fully Reversible Pink/Purple USB A to micro B Cable
This cable is not only super-fashionable, with a woven pink and purple Blinka-like pattern, it's also fully reversible! That's right, you will save seconds a day by...
4 x M3 x 6mm Screws
Button Head Hex Drive Screw
2 x M3 x 7mm Thumbscrews
Aluminum Alloy Knurled Thumb Screws Black 10pcs
2 x M3 Locknut with Nylon Insert
Steel Nylon-Insert Locknut
1 x Acrylic Sheet
1/8in thick acrylic sheet for laser or CNC
1 x Roll of Mirror Film
BDF S05 One Way Mirror Film

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