This project is an example of how to use an eTape liquid level sensor to build a smart web-enabled measuring cup. You can use the code from this guide to help get any sensor data onto a web page using an Arduino Yun.

Some interesting ways you might extend this project include:
  • Log volume or liquid level data to a cloud service such as Google Docs or Amazon DynamoDB.
  • Put a water level sensor in your home's sump pump and send an SMS message when water is rising dangerously high!
  • Make a web application to help you mix drinks and other concoctions with the liquid sensor.
What can you think of to do with a liquid sensor and Arduino Yun?

This guide was first published on Apr 14, 2014. It was last updated on Apr 14, 2014.

This page (Future Work) was last updated on Apr 11, 2014.

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