Originating in Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory, the Raspberry Pi is a super-affordable educational computing system that has taken the Maker-world by storm. This inexpensive system-on-chip (SOC) breakout for Broadcom's BCM2385 boasts a 700 Mhz ARM with 256MB of RAM, TV, HDMI, stereo audio, USB, SD memory slot, Ethernet and 17 GPIO for general purpose hackery. Each device is capable of running a wide range of operating systems that allow the Pi to function as anything from a media center to the primary control system for a high altitude balloon. In fact, this requirements sheet was written on a Raspberry Pi Model B using a Motorola Lapdock, Raspbian and Leafpad.
Instructions for completion:

Record the section, item number and requirement before each response on your notepaper. This will assist your instructor when evaluating the completion of the requirements.


2.1 Measure and calculate the surface area (Aeff) of the solar cell supplied by your instructor.
  • I calculated the surface area (Aeff) of my solar cell to be 2 square inches, with the dimensions of 2in x 1in.

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