Knob Sketching

Build a fun sketch drawing toy using CircuitPython and 3D Printing. Powered by the Feather M4 and 2.4in TFT FeatherWing.

Draw letters and shapes to create your own artwork using knobs!

3D print a snap fit case to house all of the electronics!


Pixel Drawing

Use the two knobs to move a cursor up, down, left and right. The toggle switch lets you do a pen up and down so you can turn off drawing to make separate shapes. Use the button to clear the screen.

Easily customize the background and drawing colors using CircuitPython!


1 x Short Female Headers
12-pin and 16-pin male header set
1 x Right Angled Male Header
Break-away 0.1" 36-pin
1 x Silicon Cover Stranded Wire
30AWG in Various Colors

Optional Knobs

2 x Aluminum Knobs
Matte Black Aluminum Alloy Knobs for Potentiometers

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