For controlling projects, you may want to use our Controller module. It has a bunch of useful interface features that will let you make your next LED or robotics project super easy

Install Library & Example Code

Install the Adafruit helper library and friends

Open up the BLE Controller demo

Load that into your microbit, and connect using BLE connect

The top 5 selectors allow you to stream data from your tablet or phone to the 'bit. So for example you can send tablet orientation (Quaternion) or GPS location to the 'bit. Turn on one, all five or none.

The two bottom modules can be run whenever you like, click to open up the interfaces:

The color picker will let you choose from a color wheel and send the 24-bit color over BLE to the microbit

The control pad interface gives you 8 buttons that you can press - each press and release will send a signal to the microbit.

If the microbit sends any data back to the device,  it will appear in the text bar above.

You can look at the serial monitor to see the messages as they are received.

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