Circuit Diagram

Reference the orientation of the USB Type A connector. The voltage wire is connected to the pin on the far right. The ground wire is connected to the pin on the far left. The fan can be powered by any 5V USB hub or 5V USB Battery.

USB Type A Connector

Get the USB connector, shell and strain relief plug ready. The USB connector will be soldered to a piece of 2-wire ribbon cable.

Wire for USB Connector

Peel and cut a piece of 2-wire 11in(28cm) in length from the 10-wire ribbon cable.

Wire Tinning

Using wire stripers, remove a bit of insulation from the tips of each wire. Third helping hands can be used to hold wires in place while soldering. Tin the tips of each wire using a bit of solder. This will help prevent the strands of wire from fraying.

Solder USB Connector

Tin the pins on the far left and right of the USB type A connector by adding a bit of solder. Attach the two wires to the pins on the USB connector. Reference the photo for correct polarity.

Install Shell

Insert the wire into the strain relief plug and pull the wiring all the way through. Install the shell by threading the wire through the hole. 

Wired USB Connector

Press shell through the USB connector to install. Pull strain relief plug through the hole.

Wire Fan

Cut the wire from the fan short or to your desired length. Solder the wires from the USB connector to the 5V fan. Double check polarity is matching and correct. Use pieces of heat shrink tubing to insulate exposed wired connections.

Wired Fan

Double check wiring and ensure solder joints are solid. Plug in the USB connector to a USB battery to test the fan. Be cautious of the spinning blades. If the blades do not spin, check the wiring and ensure the battery is charged.

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