Install Goggly Eyes

The back cover features eye socks for a pair of goggly eyes. Eyes are 24mm in diameter.

Goggly Eyes Installed

The goggly eyes are press fitted into the eye sockets on the back cover.

Install Box

The 5V fan is fitted into the fan box with the front of the fan facing up. Reference the photo for correct orientation.

Installed Box

Fit the fan onto the four standoffs. Press the tabs into the mounting holes. Route the cable so it's fitting near the bottom.

Install Back Cover

Orient the back cover with the fan box and line up the snaps. Place the wiring from the fan through the slit near the bottom. 

Installed Back Cover

Firmly press the back cover onto the fan box. Ensure the wiring is properly inserted through the slit in the back cover.

Install Fan Plate

Lay the fan plate over the fan with the posts going through the four mounting holes. This guards the fan blades and prevents them from hitting the filter.

Carbon Filter

The carbon filter will need to be cut and sized down to a 49.5mm x 49.5mm square. Use a sharp hobby knife with a ruler as a guide to cut out a square piece from the filter. A cutting mat can be used to protect work surfaces.

Be extra careful around sharp cutting instruments. Adults should help younger Makers.

Installing Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is fitted into the fan cover.

Carbon Filter Installed

Place the cut filter into the recess in the fan cover. It should have a loose fitting. This allows the filter to have some wiggle room so it can easily be replaced.

Installing Filter Cover

Orient the fan cover with the fan box with the snaps lined up and matching.

Press Fit Cover

Place the fan cover over the fan box with the snaps lined up. Firmly press the two parts together. Check all sides are pressed together.

Installing Base

The base is mounted to the fan box using a M5 x 20mm long screw and M5 hex nut. Insert the mount from the base to the mount on the bottom fo the fan box. Line up the mounting holes and hold parts in place.

Secure Base

Insert the M5 x 20mm long screw though the mounting tabs. Place the M5 hex nut into the side with the hexagonal recess. Fasten M5 screw into M5 hex nut.

Final Build

Adjust angle by loosening and tightening the M5 screw. And thats it! Your new mini fume extractor is ready for soldering!

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