3D Printed Unicorn Horn

It's unicorn season! Last year we 3D printed a unicorn horn, this year we made it simpler! Redesigned in Fusion 360, this unicorn horn features a spiral design and tabs for sewing onto garments such as hats, hoodies and other headware. This unicorn horn lights up and features a UV Purple LED, so it's magical as it is whimsical.

Want More Magic/Colors?

Want a more advanced unicorn horn? Check out our first Unicorn horn project!

Great For Beginners

This project is as simple as it gets! There's no micro-controller or programming required. The circuit is just an LED, a JST breakout with on/off switch and a battery - That's it! If this is your first time using LEDs or soldering wires, this is the project for you!

Parts & Tools

We have all of the tools and parts you'll need for this project in the shop. Use the links below or on the right hand sidebar.

You can also try our RGB Slow-Fade or Fast-Fade LEDs!

No 3D Printer? No Problem!

If you don't have access to a 3D printer, you could try sending the design file to a service like 3DHubs.com - local 3D printer operators can print and ship to you directly! If you want hands on experience, consider visiting a local Maker/Hacker Space (just search on google!).

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