FastLED Color Palettes

Using the FastLED library opens up a world of LED coding tools that are fairly easy to use. 

There's a fantastic tool called PaletteKnife that works great for artist-minded people who think in colors instead of in code, and this project uses it. 

Watch the video above for a demo of just how easy this is.

Want to try PaletteKnife and grab some new color palettes?
Here's what you'll definitely need:

  1. A basic understanding of how FastLED palettes are used.  Check out the FastLED ColorPalette example, as well as FastLED Fire2012WithPalette example, both of which can be found in the FastLED library Examples folder.
  2. You'll need Chrome or Safari.  PaletteKnife doesn't work with Firefox or IE.
  3. You will also need a little patience; it's not terribly slick but it works a dream.

Basically, you browse to the color palette that you want, and click PaletteKnife (a bookmarklet) in your browser.  Then you COPY the resulting code, and PASTE it into your FastLED animation source code. 

Full instructions on how to get started with PaletteKnife are here:

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