Simon Says..."turn that ruler into an interactive memorization game with leds and touch pads!"

In this guide you can turn the Adafruit PyRuler into a clone of the classic game known as Simon

Using CircuitPython, and the PyRuler's leds and capacitive touch pads we can make the PyRuler into our own Simon game. We can program the PyRuler to output patterns to the leds to memorize and then read capacitive touch inputs

This guide and code was adapted from Miguel Grinberg's guide: Simon Game Clone with Circuit Playground Express and CircuitPython

Reference guide

This is a great guide to use as a reference for all things PyRuler including pinouts, specs and more.


A purple-manicured finger presses the capacitive touch pads on a purple electronic ruler. The LEDs light up as the finger presses the capacitive gold pad.
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This guide was first published on Aug 15, 2019. It was last updated on Mar 01, 2024.

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