This mini-tutorial will be about storage! This is a common request - how to store all that good stuff - PCBs, kits, parts, etc. Now, everybody's needs are different, so just because we use something doesn't mean you should do the same. Research, look around, experiment! We are in New York City and have a very constrained space with high rent. That means we need to prioritize on saving space, and accessibility, even if its more expensive. If you're in a big space, having stuff strewn about may work out just fine for you.


We need to pile stuff up high to keep our 2000 sq.ft. clear. The shelves we have found that do the job best for us are these 18 Gauge 73" high ones from Global Industrial. They're boltless so they're easy to set up and you can easily adjust/add/remove the shelves. They're also a little less expensive than 'wire shelving'. We have tall ceilings and we like the shelves to reach pretty much near the top.
We keep heavy/rarely used stuff at the very bottom, then more common stuff in the middle and at the very top stack up some storage boxes.


The next ingredient in our storage sandwich is bins. We really like stacking bins like shown above stacked on the shelves. These are the really nice Akro Bins (also available from Global Industrial and other shipping supply shops) . There are knockoff ones you can get but they're usually not as strong and dont nest/stack as nicely. We suggest going for the clear Akro bins. They come in every size! Every product has a bin with a label, and that's worked out really nicely for us.

For components for kitting, we also use bins but we use mini-bins on a louvered wall (also called a 'pick rack'). What's nice about these is you can remove and replace the mini bins without disturbing the others. There's a few different types at GI.

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