The Shine by Misfit Wearables is an activity monitor that tracks your steps, general activity level, quality of sleep, and tells time. It uses bluetooth low energy (BTLE) to communicate to the (iOS only) app that helps you track your progress. And its waterproof! We wanted to open it up and see how it works.
The circuit board popped out of the shell quite easily with the help of some straight tweezers!
It's rare to be able to put these devices back together after disassembly. Compared to our Fitbit Force teardown, this thing was a breeze!
Chips onboard:
  • EFM32-LG295F256 microcontroller
  • CC2541 Bluetooth Low Energy module by Texas Instruments
  • LIS3DH accelerometer by ST
We took these microscope-macro photos of the holes in the Shine's enclosure-- these laser-etched pinholes let light out but don't let water in.

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