Have you been pulling your hair out trying to get WiFi working consistantly on a BeagleBone Black?  Don't worry there are some easily solved problems that could be causing your WiFi grief!  For example did you know the HDMI port can interfere with small WiFI adapter antennas?  Or that you can upgrade the Linux kernel to improve WiFi driver stability?  Follow this guide to learn how to avoid common pitfalls and configure your BeagleBone Black to work with a USB WiFi adapter!

Before you get started make sure you're running the latest official Debian image on your BeagleBone Black.  It's very important to use the Debian operating system on your BeagleBone Black to follow this guide!  If you aren't familiar with how to install an operating system on the device, check out this handy BeagleBone Black operating system install guide.

Also if you are new to the BeagleBone Black you will want to familiarize yourself with how to connect to it and interact with the command shell using SSH.  This guide will show you the basics of accessing the BeagleBone Black with SSH.

This guide was first published on Aug 27, 2014. It was last updated on Aug 27, 2014.

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