The input.onGesture allows to run code on a number of pre-defined gestures such as shake, freefall or various orientation events.

Live data

The input.acceleration returns the immediate acceleration for a given direction in milli-g, e.g. 1/1000 of a g. The measure includes earth gravity (1000mg) You can query X, Y, Z or the strength.

If you look closely at the center of the Circuit Playground, you will see the accelerometer axis printed on the board.

Assuming the board is at rest on a table,

  • the X axis is aligned horizontally from left to right. If you tilt left, X is negative, tilt right X is positive.
  • the Y axis is aligned vertically from bottom to top. If you tilt forward, Y is positive, tilt backward Y is negative.
  • the Z axis is perpendicular to the board and pointing down. At rest, Z is aligned with earth gravity.


The example below plays a sound when the Circuit Playground is shaken. In a forever loop, it display the accelerometer reading using graph.

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