Necessary Packages

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This guide is based on Debian's "Wheezy" release for Raspberry Pi. It was made available in Mid July 2012. The following items must be installed in order to utilize the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins and to upload data to COSM. 

Add the latest dev packages for Python (2.x)
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sudo apt-get install python-dev
Upgrade distribute (required for RPi.GPIO 0.3.1a) - [No image for this one]
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sudo easy_install -U distribute
Install python-pip (Pip Installs Packages, python packages)
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sudo apt-get install python-pip
Install rpi.gpio (0.3.1a) or later
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sudo pip install rpi.gpio
Download EEML - markup language COSM accepts
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wget -O geekman-python-eeml.tar.gz
Extract the EEML tarball
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tar zxvf geekman-python-eeml.tar.gz
Change into the directory and install the EEML python package
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cd geekman-python-eeml*
sudo python install
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