Please Note: Xively no longer has free developer access to their system, so this tutorial is only for historical research. Please check out our other IoT tutorials for alternative services!
COSM (used to be Pachube) helps connect little devices like the raspberry pi to the internet. You will need to do the following to use COSM.
  • Setup a Account
  • Create a Feed
  • Save the API_KEY
  • Save the FEED ID

Setup a Account

You will need to create a COSM account. Click on the blue "Get Started" circle to create a new account. It's your typical e-mail/password followed by password verification. You will need to check your e-mail and click the verification link.

Add a Feed

Click the blue plus to add a feed. 
Select Arduino
Give your new feed a title and tags.

Title: "Raspberry Pi Temperature" (or whatever you like)
Tags: raspberry pi, temperature, adc (or make up your own)
Select the "Create" button.
You need to extract the API_KEY and FEEDID from the code sample that COSM provides. These will go into the python script that we setup on the next page. The API_KEY lets COSM knows who is connecting and to which feed they want to send data.

In this example the API_KEY is: 5RNOO3ShYJxYiq2V2sgSRtz3112SAKxFQjNDQmNXc0RScz0g
The FEEDID is: 68872

Do not use those numbers, use your own!

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