Now let's make the block! This block will hold the Pi and camera to take pictures!

Cut 6 squares, measuring 7 x 7 inches each. These will be the sides.

Download the observer side files and print them at their original size. Take the image with the red dot in the center (The observer side) and one of the cardboard squares, and cut out the center like shown on the left. Glue it on to the cardboard so there is a hole in the center for the camera. Glue the rest of the sides onto the other pieces of cardboard.

Download Sides

On the side that you just cut a hole for, put hot glue as shown in the picture on the left. Then, place the camera in the space.

On the side is shown on the left, cut out a hole just the right size for the button. Then, glue the button to the hole. Make sure it's leads are facing out.

Glue the sides together to form a part of a cube. Connect the camera to the Pi.

  1. On the top-right corner of the Pi, there is a black port. Pull the nubs on the sides of the port up.
  2. Insert the ribbon cable with the leads facing down, as shown in the picture. Push it in until you feel it hit the bottom

Connect 2 female-female cables from 2 leads of the button, as shown in the picture.

Attach the female cables of the button to the Pi as shown on the right. Be sure your Pi is facing the same way as the one in the picture.

Great Job! Now let's work on the code!

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