By now we all get it, cows say moo. Sure. But what about subway car doors and jackhammers? What do they say? Build your own city-themed See N Say to teach the children!

This project replaces the brains of a classic talking toy with a modern, CircuitPython-powered KB2040 microcontroller, with a collection of typical urban sounds and custom illustrations.

illustrations by Brian Kesinger. Explore more of his work at


Angled shot of short black microcontroller.
A wild Kee Boar appears! It’s a shiny KB2040! An Arduino Pro Micro-shaped board for Keebs with RP2040. (#keeblife 4 evah) A lot of folks like using Adafruit...
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Angled shot of blue, square-shaped, amplifier breakout with a pre-soldered terminal block.
Listen to this good news - we now have an all in one digital audio amp breakout board that works incredibly well with the 
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Angled shot of boost converter PCB.
This adorable little board will come in very handy whenever you need a good amount of 5V power. It's the size of a linear regulator, but it's actually a mini-booster! Input...
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Top view of Adafruit Perma-Proto Quarter-sized Breadboard PCB.
Customers have asked us to carry basic perf-board, but we never liked the look of most basic perf: it's always crummy quality, with pads that flake off and no labeling. Then we...
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Mini Panel Mount SPDT Toggle Switch
This or that, one or the other, perhaps or perhaps not! So hard to make decisions these days without feeling like you're just going back and forth constantly. Deciding whether or...
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USB Type A to Type C Cable - approx 1 meter / 3 ft long
As technology changes and adapts, so does Adafruit. This  USB Type A to Type C cable will help you with the transition to USB C, even if you're still...
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Fisher Price Classic Farmer Says See 'N Say

Available at toy stores and online, such as here. Note, this project uses the modern electronic toy, not a vintage mechanical one.

Shottky Diode

You can use a regular power diode such as the one below, but a proper Shottky diode is even better, it only has a ~0.3V drop vs. closer to ~0.7V.

 10 pack of 1N4001 Diodes
This here is a 10 pack of the classic 1N4001 power blocking diode. These are good for reverse polarity protection (put it between your DC power jack and circuitry to avoid a...
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Large spool of Wire Wrap Thin Prototyping & Repair Wire
This stuff is called "wire-wrap wire" because it used to be used for wire-wrapping high-speed digital circuits on a special kind of contact board. It's pretty rare to see wire-wrapping in...
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1 x High Temperature Polyimide Tape
1cm wide x 33 meter roll


You can replace the toy's graphics with your own, or the handy downloadable graphics included in the guide. Vinyl sticker paper for laser printers works well, such as this.

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