Once configured for your location, there’s literally nothing to do. The device will quietly go about its business, checking for changes in the seasons and updating the list once a day. There are no buttons to press or menus to navigate.

When it’s time to go shopping, you can bring the MagTag list with you, or snap a picture with your smartphone before heading out.

Other Configurable Settings

Aside from the location (in secrets.py), there are some other configurable settings that can be adjusted in the code itself.

In code.py, starting around line 18 are a few global variables. Each of these is briefly commented in the code, but for posterity…

TWELVE_HOUR selects whether to display the “Updated” time as 12-hour vs. 24-hour time (e.g. 3:00 vs. 15:00). Default is True, use 12-hour format.

DD_MM selects whether the “Updated” date is displayed as day/month vs. month/day. Default is False — use month/day formatting — since the data is U.S.-centric for now, and that’s the more common date format here.

JSON_URL is the internet location of the agricultural data file. The default is a long URL pointing to a file hosted on Github that might see updates from time to time. It’s possible to use a file:// URL instead, and place this data on the CIRCUITPY drive…but that won’t automatically pick up any future changes to the data.

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