Back up any existing code or files you want to keep from your MagTag CIRCUITPY drive.

Fetch the files for our Seasonal Produce project from Github by clicking "Download Project Zip" at the top of the code below - this will fetch all the necessary files in one zip file which you can then use in the project.

Here’s a map of all this project’s required images, fonts and code on the CIRCUITPY drive:

# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2020 Phillip Burgess for Adafruit Industries
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

Seasonal produce finder for Adafruit MagTag w/CircuitPython 6.1 or later.
Lists in-season fruits and vegetables for a user's location and season.
"Smart cursive" BDF font by Thomas A. Fine, helvB12 from Xorg fonts.

# pylint: disable=import-error, line-too-long
import time
from secrets import secrets
import rtc
from adafruit_display_shapes.rect import Rect
from adafruit_magtag.magtag import MagTag
from produce import Produce


TWELVE_HOUR = True # If set, show 12-hour vs 24-hour (e.g. 3:00 vs 15:00)
DD_MM = False      # If set, show DD/MM instead of MM/DD dates
# Location of produce data (file:// or http:// or https://):

# Location is configured in If location is not contained there,
# default value below will be used.
LOCATION = secrets.get('location', 'NY') # default to 'NY'

MAGTAG = MagTag(rotation=0) # Portrait (vertical) display

# SOME UTILITY FUNCTIONS ---------------------------------------------------

def hh_mm(time_struct, twelve_hour=True):
    """ Given a time.struct_time, return a string as H:MM or HH:MM, either
        12- or 24-hour style depending on twelve_hour flag.
    if twelve_hour:
        if time_struct.tm_hour > 12:
            hour_string = str(time_struct.tm_hour - 12) # 13-23 -> 1-11 (pm)
        elif time_struct.tm_hour > 0:
            hour_string = str(time_struct.tm_hour) # 1-12
            hour_string = '12' # 0 -> 12 (am)
        hour_string = '{hh:02d}'.format(hh=time_struct.tm_hour)
    return hour_string + ':{mm:02d}'.format(mm=time_struct.tm_min)

# GRAPHICS INITIALIZATION --------------------------------------------------'bitmaps/produce.bmp')

# Produce list is inserted at this position
    text_position=(3, 2),
    text_anchor_point=(0, 0),  # top left
    is_data=False, # we'll set this text manually

# Add 14-pixel-tall black bar at bottom of display. It's a distinct layer
# (not just background) to appear on top of produce list if it runs long., - 14,
                         , fill=0x0))

# Center white text label over black bar to show last update time
# (Initially a placeholder, string is not assigned to label until later)
    text_position=( // 2,
          - 1),
    text_anchor_point=(0.5, 1),
    is_data=False, # we'll set this text manually later

# MAIN LOOP ----------------------------------------------------------------

# FYI: Not really a "loop" -- deep sleep makes the whole system restart on
# wake, this only needs to run once.

try: # Sneak this in last, as WiFi uses power
    print('Updating time')
    NOW = rtc.RTC().datetime

    print('Updating produce')

    # Set the "Updated" date and time label
    if DD_MM:
        DATE = '%d/%d' % (NOW.tm_mday, NOW.tm_mon)
        DATE = '%d/%d' % (NOW.tm_mon, NOW.tm_mday)
    MAGTAG.set_text('Updated %s %s' % (DATE, hh_mm(NOW, TWELVE_HOUR)), 1,

    # Look up the matching produce data (returned as list of strings)
    PRODUCE_LIST = PRODUCE.in_season(NOW.tm_mon)
    print('Produce list: ', PRODUCE_LIST)
    # List one item per line since some may be long
    VEGGIE_LIST = ''
    for item in PRODUCE_LIST:
        VEGGIE_LIST += '\n'.join(MAGTAG.wrap_nicely(item, 15)) + '\n'
    MAGTAG.set_text(VEGGIE_LIST) # Update list on the display

    time.sleep(2) # Allow refresh to finish before deep sleep
    print('Zzzz time')
    MAGTAG.exit_and_deep_sleep(24 * 60 * 60) # 24 hour snooze

except RuntimeError as error:
    # If there's an error above, no harm, just try again in ~15 minutes.
    # Usually it's a common network issue or time server hiccup.
    print('Retrying in 15 min - ', error)
    MAGTAG.exit_and_deep_sleep(15 * 60) # 15 minute snooze

Unzip this file after downloading.

The bitmaps and fonts folders should be copied into the CIRCUITPY root directory. If folders with these names already exist, copy the individual .BMP and .BDF files into the corresponding folders. and should also be copied to the CIRCUITPY root directory.

One of the files in the project folder — produce.jsondoes not get copied. Our code will pull the latest from the internet each time it’s needed, so it always has the latest information.

One additional file — — isn’t distributed in the project folder…if you don’t already have this file from a prior MagTag project, we’ll create this file on the next page.

If you run out of space when copying items to CIRCUITPY: make a backup of any files currently on that drive, then delete files that aren’t related to this project to free up space.

The following page gets mirrored into several MagTag guides…being a catch-all for many things, it kind of goes off into the weeds. Only the first part is important — getting the file created if you haven’t before, setting up WiFi network credentials and timezone in there — then you can skip ahead.

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