A few more items need to go in the secrets.py file described on the prior page.

In addition to WiFi network credentials and timezone, our veggie code also needs:

  • aio_username and aio_key matching your Adafruit IO credentials. If logged into your account at adafruit.com, click the “IO” link in the top navigation bar, then “My Key.”
  • location is the 2-letter postal code for your state, in quotes: e.g. 'NY' or 'TX'.

This currently only works for the lower 48 United States. Information for Alaska, Hawaii, and non-US countries is not present in the dataset.
secrets = {
    'ssid'         : 'WiFi-Network-Name',
    'password'     : 'WiFi-Network-Password',
    'aio_username' : 'Your_Adafruit_IO_Username',
    'aio_key'      : 'Your_Adafruit_IO_Key',
    'timezone'     : "America/New_York",
    'location'     : 'NY'

After editing and saving secrets.py, tap the reset button and within a minute or so you’ll see some veggies!

If the project does NOT start up: most likely the WiFi credentials are incorrect, or something is wrong with the secrets.py file syntax…make sure every quote, comma and colon is there and in the right place.

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