Install Base Plate

The 3D printed base and plate snap fit together.

Insert the plate into the base's clip with the notches lined up.

Press the two parts together to fully seat the plate to the base. 

Displays Installed

The three displays are press fitted into the cutouts on the 3D printed plate.

Reference the image for thecorrect order and orientation of displays.

From left to right, Display #3, Display #2 and Display #1.

Installing Displays

The displays are press fitted into the cutouts on the 3D printed panel with the correct orientation and order.

Connecting Stemma Cables

The displays are chained together using short STEMMA QT cables.

Begin connecting display #3 to display #2. Then, display #2 to display #1.

Connected Displays

Take a moment to ensure the STEMMA QT cable have been properly connected.

Reference the image for the correct placement.

Holder for QT Py

The QT Py board will be press-fitted into the 3D printed holder.

The QT Py board is oriented with the USB-C port lined up with the tabs on the 3D printed holder.

Install QT Py

Insert the QT Py at an angle with the corners fitted underneath the clips on the back of the holder.

Using your fingers, slightly bend the front side to allow the front clips to fit over the front of the QT Py.

Install STEMMA QT Cable

Connect the remaining STEMMA QT cable to the QT Py board.


Installing QT Py Holder

Place the QT Py holder over the base plate assembly with the mounting holes lined up with the tabs.

Secure QT Py Holder

Use 2x M2.5 x 10mm long screws and hex nuts to secure the QT Py holder to the base plate assembly.

Secured QT Py Holder

The screws are inserted with the screw heads facing down and hex nuts facing up.

Finger tighten the hex nuts to avoid stripping them. 

Connect QT Py to Displays 

Connect the remaining STEMMA QT cable to the remaining STEMMA QT port on display #1.

Final Build

Congratulations on your build!

Power QT Py

Connect USB-C cable to a 5V power supply 5V battery bank or USB hub to power up the QT Py.

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