The Azul in the robot kit comes with a test program already loaded. So, when the slide switch is flipped to the ON position, the OLED screen will show "Robot Ready".

Connect to the robot using the Adafruit Bluefruit Connect app available in Android or iOS.

Below are the steps 1-4 to connect to the robot via the app. Click on each highlighted button with the robot powered on.

Modify the code

You may modify the CircuitPython code on the Azul. Our favorite code editor is Mu. But you can use any text editor, ecen vi or nano on Linux, Notepad on Windows, etc.

In order to modify the code, simply connect the supplied USB cable to the Azul and Azul will show up as a drive on your computer as a thumb drive named CIRCUITPY. On Linux look for a new drive when things are plugged in.

Use the included cable as it is a "power plus data" cable. The "power only" cables that come with USB power bricks will not work. A known good USB power+data cable is required for your computer to see the connection.

You can then load the file onto your Mu editor to modify the program (click the Load button on the Mu menu and navigate to the Azul drive in your PC).

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This page (Code & Control) was last updated on May 15, 2024.

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