is a super easy way to save, graph and review your nightly sleep data. The code provided in the macOS Catcher Script will log to The only thing necessary to do is to create an account and add your key to the macOS catcher script (line# 10). The feeds will automatically be setup.

Please go to '' and create an accountant if you have not already. 

This is where you can find the key once logged into your Adafruit IO account. 

The feeds will be automatically generated once the AIO key has been added to the macOS catcher script. No setup is necessary on the Adafruit IO site itself. Just start running the catcher script and let the Arduino connect to it. 

You can work with and monitor the data by creating groups and dashboards. This is an intuitive process once data is uploading. Here is an example of a group graph I created by combining all my feeds (sensors) and clicking on the 'graph it' option.

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