Love... love... love this stuff - but be careful! A little bit goes a very long way.

Clean-up the headlight mount and orientation post... until it fits 'just right' on the Sandblaster body.

Also, do a test-fit of the headlight lens - adjust as needed.

Apply just a tidbit of glue on each of the four corners.

And press the headlight lens into place.

Sand the headlight mount with a small piece of sandpaper - leaving the dust behind (it will help fill gaps).

A good drop on both sides of the mount...

And hold the headlight in-place for twenty or so seconds - repeat for the headlight on the other side!

FYI, the void in the headlight is just big enough for a Breadboard Friendly Neopixel... the wires can be passed through the mounting hole into the body.

But that's just a coincidence... right?

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