Mount the Circuit Playground Bluefruit

Begin by mounting the Circuit Playground Bluefruit with two M3 screws to the bottom of the 3D printed case.

Attach the TFT Gizmo

Take the 12 M3 screws that are included with the TFT Gizmo and mount the TFT Gizmo to the Circuit Playground Bluefruit.

The holes can be accessed through the back of the 3D printed case.

Connect the Speaker

Plug the oval speaker's JST connection into the TFT Gizmo's A0 JST socket.

Peel off the speaker's paper to reveal the mounting adhesive.

Press the speaker into the case's speaker mount.

Plug in the Battery

Insert the on/off switch into the switch mount in the bottom of the case.

Plug the JST battery extension cable into the Circuit Playground Bluefruit's battery socket.

Plug the LiPo battery into the JST battery extension cable's socket.

Make sure the LiPo battery is comfortably inside the case next to the Circuit Playground Bluefruit before closing everything up.

Close the Case

Attach the top of the case to the bottom. The sides have snap fit connections, so you should feel some satisfying clicks as you close it up.

Peel off the TFT Gizmo's screen protector and attach the case's lens.

Congratulations! You've finished the assembly!

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