Cut Templates

We'll start off by printing out all of our paper templates and then carefully cut out each shape. Next, trace the outlines on foam board and cut each copy. We used strips of blue tape to hold the templates in place.

We'll need:

(4) Circles used to mount the Circuit Playground Express

(2) Handles 

(6) Handle mounts

(17) Spacers 

(2) Battery - Large walls

(3) Battery - Small walls

Download the artwork below

Glue Layers

To create the bevel shape in our shield, we'll cut the foam board into four circles and them stack them on top of each other. 


Trace circles with the diameters of: 16cm, 34cm, 45cm and 51cm

You can use a  Rotape Tape Compass or just build one with string and split rings

After cutting out our circles, stack and carefully align each one so it sits right on top of the next layer. Carefully apply glue to the "back side" of the shield.


Glue Handles

Align the two handle halves and combine with hot glue.

Bevel Handle edges

Now we'll want to smooth our handle edges. We'll angle our hobby knife to around 45 degrees and  slowly cut away at the edges until smooth.

Don't add any bevels to the ends of the handle as it will lose tolerance needed to hold it in shield mounts.

Glue Circle CPX Mounts

Stack the four circular mounts on top of each other and then glue each layer together.

Glue Square Handle Mounts

We'll need to make two sets of the square handle mounts. Stack and glue three square mounts together.

Mark mounts

Next, we'll measure how much spacing we'll need for the handles.

Press fit the three copies on each handle and then use a pencil to trace the outlines. 

Mount and Mark Components 

After our glue dries, we'll test fit the components. Press fit the Circuit Playground Express into the circular mount.

LED Strip Mounts

Arrange the Neopixel strip around the center of the shield as shown in the picture. 

Next, we'll align the small square spacer to hold the led strip in place. Mark and glue each square piece.  

Battery holder

Lay the battery close to the "bottom" section of the shield. This will help distribute the weight of the battery. Mark and glue the battery "walls" as shown to allow the pack to press fit into place.

Allow the spacers and battery walls to dry.

Next, we'll remove each component and ready our area to painting!

Paint Shield


Now, we can mix our colors. We watered down white and pink acrylic paint. This helped to allow the LED lights the diffuse and illuminate the shield. Careful not to use too much water in the mixture as in will cause the shield to warp.

After the pink color dried, we mixed green, blue and white to make the teal color around the edge of the shield. 

Glue thorns 

To add the vine and thorn detail, cut out the template and then add the top red and spike layers. We used glue stick to adhere the small thorns to the vine. 

Back diffuser 

The diffuser on the back is made from the same 45cm diameter size from the main shape.

We'll trace the same spacings for the handles on the diffuser and then cut the mounting holes. 

The handle will fit through the diffuser and then into the mounts on the shield! 



Now we can experiment with different animations and sounds! We hope you continue to have fun building and crafting your shield!

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