This project features three versions of a rock, paper, scissors game in CircuitPython. The first is a very simple, single-player text game showing the basic logic of the game. The second is a two-player game using Bluetooth Low Energy advertising to exchange the players' choices. The third is a multi-player game building on the foundation of the second version, adding displayio graphics and sound. It has been tested with six players and potentially can work with far more.

The programs are written in CircuitPython for version 5.3.0 or later. The code runs on the CLUE and the Circuit Playground Bluefruit (CPB) with TFT (LCD) Gizmo screen. The third version of the game can also be used on just a CPB with the NeoPixels for output.

Thank-you to Matilda for recording the sound samples for the announcer in the third version of the game and the TMS5220 chip for inspiring the post-processing on these.



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