Ideas for Areas to Explore

  • Customise the game:
  • Enhance the game:
    • Use the accelerometer to detect shaking as an alternate way to start the transmission of the player's choice.
    • Add a cumulative high score table to the Advanced game.
    • Enhance the Circuit Playground Bluefruit only version to show players joining on the NeoPixels.
    • Port the Simple game to the Circuit Playground Express using infrared for communication - this is very directional and would need careful alignment making the game finickety to play.
  • Bluetooth related:
    • Update the RSSI number on the player list screen as new Bluetooth packets arrive if you are interested in this value.
    • Write a distance estimation function and add a feature for the right button to toggle between RSSI and a distance estimate.
    • Test different communication conditions to see how the RSSI varies and how the game degrades or fails. Distance, different types of obstacles and close proximity to busy Wireless Access Points are all interesting factors to experiment with.
  • Try implementing another multi-player game. Note: A connection based approach is likely to be a better solution for two-player games and may also suit card games featuring a dealer.
  • Investigate lots of players. The Advanced game has been tested and works well with six players. It would be interesting to see how well it works in a classroom environment with 20+ devices. The MAX_PLAYERS will need increasing as it's currently set to 8 but this is only because it's how many players fit on the joining screen with the chosen font size. This can be increased and they should just overspill harmlessly.

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