Mount servo motor


Trace servo outline on one side of the cardboard. Make sure to leave enough room that the rotating drum and slats will be able to rotate freely.

Press servo into cutout.

Use hot glue or screws to hold the motor in place.

Attach drum to motor

Screw servo wheel onto servo horn.

Make Fingers

Cut out four crescent shapes for fingers.

Cardboard spacers


Make a set of 8 cardboard spacers by cutting small squares of cardboard and poking a small hole through the center.

These spacers will make it easy to set the position of the fingers so they line up with the slats inserted in the rotating drum

Adding Fingers


Position pivot point for the fingers.

Push skewer through cardboard.

Add fingers and spacers one by one.

When you're finished you should be able to spin the axle and see it rotate freely within the fingers.

Set the Slats


You can now slide some squares of cardboard into the rotating drum and test how they interact with the fingers.

Complete the Circuit

Connect the Vout pad on Circuit Playground Express (CPX) to the servo's red wire, the A1 pad to the yellow wire, and the GND pad to the brown wire. 

The alligator clip-to-male jumper wire connectors are great for connecting servo motors to CPX.

Your hand is now ready for some MakeCode!

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