CPX mounts

First we'll assemble the included standoff kit to the Circuit Playground Express.

The 3D Printed Servo Mount attaches to the Circuit Playground Express. Align the cutaway over the JST port.

Use two M3 6mm long screws to secure the Servo mount to the Circuit Playground Express.


Mount to Crickit 

Now we can go ahead and secure the Circuit Playground Express to the Crickit.  Align the standoffs attached to the CPX to the six pads on the Crickit and secure with the included screws.


Connect wires

The UV NeoPixel strip connects to the labeled terminal on the Crickit. We removed the connector on the strip, tinned the wires with solder and fastened each connection on the NeoPixel terminal. 

We can easily attach the DC Motor in Servo Body by connecting male jumper wires to the female connector on the motor.



Servo Holder

The printed Servo Holder will attach to the printed Servo Mount on the Circuit Playground via (4) M3 5mm standoffs. 

Align the motor cable to the cutaway and press fit the motor into the holder. Now we can male jumper wires to the female connector on the motor.

Servo Horn 

Press fit the horn onto the servos shaft. You can secure it further with one of the include servo horn screws.  


Glue Magnets 

Now we can attach magnets to each side of the horn. We used hot glue to adhere the magnets to each side of the horn attachment. Glue each one at a time.

Mount Crickit

Next we can move on to mounting the Crickit assembly into the printed case. Align the power barrel to the circular cutout on the case and secure with four M2x5mm or M3x5mm screws.

USB panel mount

We extended the USB port to the outside the case with a USB panel mount cable. Align the female connection to the screw holes on the inside of the case to secure. Use the included screws and fasten the connector to the case.

Mount NeoPixel Strip

Finally, we can wrap the UV NeoPixel strip inside the case with the LEDs facing the inside – This will create nice illumination.


The lid snap fits to the nubs along the inside of the case. Align the small nubs on the lid with the nubs on the case and press at an angle. Apply force to the opposite side to press fit into place. 


Rubber feet

We used four of these rubber feet to prevent the case from sliding. Peel the backing off and press on to the corners of the case to help stabilize the case.

Adding Liquid and Effects

We found a nice glass jar at local arts/craft hobby store. Try to use a container with a flat bottom – This will keep the distance low between the magnets and the models. 

Tonic water with quinine is UV fluorescent so it makes a real nice glow with the UV NeoPixel strip. Fill your container about half full. Perhaps experiment with different "add-ons" like glycerol, UV pigments and glitter to make swirling effects and add texture!

More Project Ideas

Check out the following tutorials for more ideas and inspiraiton. Make something cool you want to share with us? Please post, share and join our LIVE Show & Tell show, every Wednesday @ 7:30PM ET.

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