Ringly is a bluetooth notification device build into a metal and stone cocktail ring. The light on the side flashes different colors when you get texts, emails, etc. and it buzzes to get your attention.


You can customize the notifications using the Ringly app for iOS or Android.

Ringly's storage box is also its charger and has a micro USB port on the back.


Inside there's a 250mAh lipoly battery-- the box stores up to a week's charge for refueling Ringly while traveling.


Ringly connects to the charger through pogo pin connectors and magnets on the inside of the box.

We tried a bunch of ways to remove Ringly's stone, and failed to find a graceful solution. Brute force had to be employed.

However it didn't take more than a few ginger taps with the hammer to separate the stone from the frame!

Inside was a tidy circuit burrito of flex PCB surrounding the rechargable battery and vibrating motor. The Bluetooth antenna is built into the PCB as well.

The main component on the board is a Nordic nrf51822 Bluetooth LE and ARM processor module. The board also contains:

  • crystal oscillator
  • accelerometer
  • motor driver
  • battery protection & charging

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