Power Cable

The RGB Matrix includes a plug in power cable. It features two female connectors that are linked together with two male terminals. The male terminals are connected to the screw block terminals on the RGB Matrix FeatherWing. The female connect is connected to the power header on the back of the RGB Matrix display.

Trim Power Cable

The cable is cut and shortened to make the wiring more organized. The wires measure to 90mm in length.

Slice Power Cable

Use wire strippers to remove a bit of insulation from each wire. Tin the exposed wire using a bit of solder. Add pieces of heat shrink tubing before slicing the wires together. 

Shortened Power Cable

The power cable is shortened and has heat shrink tubing to insulate the exposed wires. The whole cable measures 18cm in length.

Wire PAM8302 Audio Amp

Use a piece of silicone ribbon cable to wire the audio amplifier to the RGB Matrix FeatherWing. The cable measures 70mm in length. A 4-wire silicone ribbon cable is soldered to the A+, A-, GND and VIN pins. The speaker is soldered to the positive and negative pins on the PAM8302.

Wire Speaker

The speaker can be wired directly to the PAM8302 amp. In this project, we used a 2-pin JST extension cable so that it can be easily disconnected. The cable measures 10.6cm in length.

Wire Button Switch

The tactile button is wired to a lengthy piece of silicone ribbon cable. The cable measures 15.2cm in length.

Solder Wires to RGB Matrix FeatherWing

Make the following connections to the RGB Matrix FeatherWing.

  • A+ from Amp to A0 on FeatherWing
  • A- from Amp to GND on FeatherWing
  • VIN from Amp to 3V on FeatherWing
  • GND from Amp to GND on FeatherWing
  • Button to A1 on FeatherWing
  • Button to GND on FeatherWing 

Wired RGB Matrix FeatherWing

Double check the wiring is correct. 

This guide was first published on Jun 17, 2020. It was last updated on Jun 19, 2024.

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