Install Feather Headers

A strip of 12-pin and 16-pin male headers are installed on to the Feather M4 Express. The headers are fitted onto the bottom of the PCB and soldered in place.

RGB Matrix FeatherWing Headers

The RGB Matrix FeatherWing includes female headers, a 2x10 socket header, a power screw-block terminal and a 2.1mm barrel jack.

Install 2x10 Socket Header

Place the 2x10 socket header onto the bottom of the RGB Matrix FeatherWing. Solder the pins in place to secure the socket header to the PCB.

Install Power Connectors

Place the screw block terminal and 2.1 barrel jack on top of the RGB FeatherWing. Solder the pins in place to secure the two power connectors.

Install Female Headers on RGB Matrix FeatherWing

Install the 12-pin and 16-pin onto the top of the RGB Matrix FeatherWIng. Use the row of pins that are close to the edge of the PCB. 

Solder Female Headers

Use the Feather M4 Express to keep the headers on the RGB Matrix FeatherWing steady while soldering pins.

RGB Matrix FeatherWing Polarity Check

Match the outline of the header on the silkscreen with the outline on the RGB matrix. The notch in the center should be facing the same way. Reference the image for the correct polarity. 

Install RGB Matrix FeatherWing

The RGB Matrix FeatherWing is fitted on top of the IDC shrouded header on the display. Use the IDC shrouded header that features an arrow pointing to the right.

Install Feather M4 Express

The Feather M4 Express is placed on top of the RGB Matrix FeatherWing with the USB port facing the 2.1mm barrel jack.

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