The diagram below provides a visual reference for wiring of the components. This diagram was created using the software package Fritzing.

Adafruit Library for Fritzing

Use Adafruit's Fritzing parts library to create circuit diagrams for your projects. Download the library or just grab individual parts. Get the library and parts from GitHub - Adafruit Fritzing Parts.

Wired Connections

  • A+ from PAM8302 to A0 on RGB Matrix FeatherWing
  • A- from PAM8302 to GND on PAM8302
  • Vin from PAM8302 to 3V on RGB Matrix FeatherWing
  • GND from PAM8302 to GND on RGB Matrix FeatherWing

Button Switch

  • Switch to GND on RGB Matrix FeatherWing
  • Switch to A1 on RGB Matrix FeatherWing


  • Red to (+)Positive on PAM8302
  • Black to (–)Negative on PAM8302


The RGB Matrix will need to be powered by a 5V 4A wall adapter. 5V USB cable is not enough to fully power the display – Glitches and artifacts are displayed when RGB matrix is only powered by USB cable.

5V 4A switching power supply brick with figure 8 power port.
Need a lot of 5V power? This switching supply gives a clean regulated 5V output at up to 4 Amps (4000mA). 110 or 240 input, so it works in any country. The plugs are "US...
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