Connect Power Cable

Insert the negative and positive leads from the power cable to the screw block terminals. Double check the polarities are correct. Use a small flat head screw driver to tighten the terminals to secure them in place.

Circuit Wiring Review

Double check the wiring to ensure components are properly connected. 

Secure Amp to Mount

The PAM8302 amp snap fits into the built-in holder on the mount. Orient the mounting holes with the standoffs. Insert PCB at an angle and firmly press down to install.

Secure Speaker to Mount

The magnet from the speaker is press fitted into the holder on the mount. 

Install Frame to Matrix 

Insert the RGB LED Matrix into the frame. Reference the labels on the silkscreen to determine the "upright" orientation. 

Frame Slot

Check the side of the frame with the slot is facing the right side of the RGB LED Matrix. 

Install Acrylic to Frame

The sheet of black LED acrylic is inserted and pushed through the slot on the right side of the frame. Note: The photo is showing the matrix upside down, hence on the left side of the frame.

Install Feet

Place one of the feet over the two mounting holes on the back of the RGB LED Matrix. Line up the tabs on the foot with the mounting holes.

Secure Feet

Use the included M3 thumb screws to secure the foot to the RGB Matrix.

Installed Feet

Proceed to secure the second foot to the RGB LED Matrix using the remaining M3 thumb screws. Reference the photo for the correct placement and orientation.

Install FeatherWing and Mount

Insert the RGB Matrix FeatherWing onto the 2x8 IDC shrouded header on the RGB Matrix. Place the mount over the second set of mounting holes to the right of the FeatherWing. Reference the photo for correct orientation and placement.

Secure Mount to RGB Matrix

Use 2x M3 x 8mm long machine screws to secure the mount to the back of the RGB matrix.

Connect Speaker to Amp

Plug in the JST connectors from the PAM8302 amp to the speaker.

Plug In Power Cable to RGB Matrix

Insert the connector from the power cable to the power port on the back of the RGB Matrix. Check to ensure the tab is fully seated over the connector.

Wire Management

Optionally adjust the cables so they're fitted underneath the speaker and amp mount. The mount can be used to hold the excess wiring in place.

Secure Handle to Frame

Place the handle mechanism over the right side of the frame. Line up the mounting holes. Insert and fasten 2x M3 x 10mm long machine screws through the two mounting holes on the handle. Fasten tight.

Installed Handle

Check the handle is in the correct position and can be properly pulled down and springs back up automatically.

Install Button to Handle

Place the button into the built-in holder on the side of the handle.

Test Button Handle Actuation

Pull the handle down and test out the button actuation. The lever should actuate the button and trigger the slot machine animations.

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